Know your engine oils, with Tr. Oyilo

Learn why Shell Lubricants are perfect for your engine.

Shop, Lube Bay & Dine

You should be able to get your essentials for the road the same way you get to fuel your car. At Shell, our aim is to make sure that your experience goes beyond just fueling. That’s why at many Shell Stations you can shop, dine, make financial transactions, get Shell Gas as well as access a range of car services.

Shell Deals

Your road trip treats from Shell.

Covid-19 : we are here for you

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to assure you that Shell Service Stations in Uganda remain open to serve our customers to help keep necessary journeys on the road and communities supplied with the necessary essentials.

Shell Helix car engine oils

Designed to meet your needs – whatever your driving challenges. Discover the full product range.

For Motorists

Meal Deals

Being on the road requires one to take a break and feed. We offer a number of special meal deals from our various restaurants. Get a range hot food, meal combos, snacks and drinks to suit your taste. 

Shell Fuels

Find out more about our fuel and what makes it the right choice.

Shell engine oils and lubricants

Shell Lubricants are produced on the basis of world-class technological insights, offering you only the best formulations for your vehicle.

Motoring tips and advice

Take better care of your vehicle by learning how to become more fuel efficient and safer on the road.

Shell Uganda financial services

Enjoy the convenience of going cashless.

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