Packshot of Shell Advance SX 2


Premium 2-Stroke Motorcycle Engine oil.

Shell Advance SX 2, premium quality, mineral, 2-stroke motorcycle engine oil, pre-diluted and undiluted

Do you ride your 2-stroke bike every day?

Shell Advance SX 2 gives very good engine protection, cleanliness, reliability and low exhaust emissions. With Dynamic Performance Additive (DPA) Technology, it helps to keep your bike’s engine clean and protected for longer.

  • Reduced Smoke
  • Good Engine Cleanliness
  • Longer Engine life
  • Extra power and Smoother Engine Performance
  • For better protection in 2 stroke engines.
  • Applications include in lawn mowers, boat engines and chain saws.
  • Provides reliable protection against exhaust system blockage.
  • Provides superior self-mixing properties and reduced exhaust smoke.