Know your car engine oils, with Tr. Oyilo

You travel not to escape life but for life not to escape you. Each day you get behind the wheel, your passion for life should be reignited with the start of your engine and every journey you take should fuel your passion to drive. For this to happen, you need only one thing: a good engine.

In order for you to have a good engine, you have to take good care of it. You get the best from your engine when you give it the absolute best: Shell Helix, which cleans your engine like no other motor oil or Shell Rimula, which works as hard as you do to make your life easier.

Most times when doing engine checks and car service, it is easier to let the mechanics do their job and pick what they believe is good oil for your car. However, you can now make informed decisions about what works best for your car engine with the Shell Lubricants Educational Campaign. Allow yourself to be taken on a journey with our own Teacher Oyilo, so that you get to learn more about your car engine and the available motor oil grades in the quality Shell Helix and Shell Rimula Motor Oils range, and why they are the best oils to use in your car engine.

Shell Helix and Shell Rimula are designed to provide your engine with the ultimate protection while keeping it close to factory clean, which results in the ultimate performance. They also improve your fuel economy helping you save more money as you cover more miles. Shell Helix Oils are made for petrol and light-duty diesel engines, while Shell Rimula Oils are made for heavy-duty vehicles.

Get your engine in good shape today and make every journey a story to write home about. Revive your passion to drive with Shell Lubricants, the road is calling! Additionally, be on the lookout for tips from a variety of subject matter experts, including trained mechanics, rally drivers, renowned petro heads as well as Teacher Oyilo, across different media channels to learn even more about car engines and our motor oils.

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