Shell LPG


  • Shell Gas is a clean, safe and efficient energy source for the Ugandan population.
  • Our LPG comes in cylinders for domestic use and bulk tankers for industrial purposes. The domestic LPG comes in 6KG, 12KG and 45KG cylinders, while the bulk gas is available in 45KG, 500KG, 1,000KG, 1,200KG, 1,500KG, 2,000KG, and 5,000KG bullets. With our Shell Gas offers, we meet the needs of local communities for a cleaner, safer and more efficient alternative to the traditional fuels used for cooking.
  • These can be purchased from our various retail service stations and distributors countrywide, accessible off the link below. You can also pick our packed products from “designated Points of Sale” or through our home delivery service, accessed through “Telesales.” Click the following link to establish your nearest Shell Gas point of sale:
  • Over the past few years, through Vivo Energy Uganda, we have spearheaded the efforts to educate Ugandans on the safe use of LPG. This includes training of customers and the general public on the safe handling of the product for their own benefit. Through these efforts, our overall aim is to promote LPG as a sustainable source of energy, thereby delivering value and convenience to our customers while protecting our environment.
Shell Gas 6 KG


Tap into our full range of Shell Gas products and accessories, and spice up your kitchen moments.

  • Shell Gas 6KG

Looking for the right pack for light cooking chores? The 6KG Ka-Portable is just what you need.

The Shell Gas 6KG Ka-Portable is great for light cooking chores. Whether you want to make a quick breakfast for the family early in the morning, or you want to prepare a snack because you’re hungry, the 6KG Ka-Portable is the cylinder for you. It is light, affordable and a great cooking solution especially for those who are new to using gas. The 6kg Ka-Portable is ideal for an individual or family that uses gas only for light cooking and those who are using gas along with other cooking solutions like electricity

  • Don’t forget to accessorize your cylinder. We’ve got the full kit ready for you…

Get the right accessories for your Shell Gas 6KG Ka-Portable cylinder and start enjoying safe and easy cooking today.

Shell Gas 12KG (Metal)

Shell Gas 12kg Metal

If you would like to use gas more regularly when cooking, the 12KG Metal cylinder has got you covered. With this safe cooking solution, you can prepare all your meals fast and without hassle. The 12KG metal cylinder is a great solution for an individual or family that seeks to use gas often in the preparation of their meals. It handles heavier cooking chores than the 6KG Ka-Portable.

Shell Gas Lite 12KG

Shell Gas 12kg Composite

The 12KG Shell Gas Lite cylinder is a modified version of the 12KG metal cylinder, that is made of very light composite, yet safe and resilient material. This cylinder is cheaper and lighter than the metal cylinder. Its unique design lets you check the gas left in your cylinder, to get a refill without any interruptions or surprises in your kitchen chores.

Shell Gas 45KG (Bulk)

Shell Gas 45kg

Heavier capacity for the heavier tasks.

If you are going to use gas heavily, especially for commercial purposes, you need a cylinder that will not demand increased refill frequency. The Shell Gas 45KG cylinder is perfect for the job.

Shell Gas Bulk

Bigger kitchens have bigger needs. For commercial locations such as hotels and major restaurants, Shell Gas bulk is a great solution to all your LPG needs.

Accessories – Images of regulator & hose pipe

We’ve got the right accessories for your LPG to ensure that you enjoy using gas without worrying about safety issues.

Shell Gas Pricing

Affordable prices, great value

Shell Gas Home Delivery

For our customers in Kampala, its suburbs and Entebbe, Shell Gas is now even closer to your doorstep.

Shell Gas Safety Tips

Stay safe as you use Shell Gas.

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