Shell Gas Pack Refill Price (in UGX) New Purchases (Cylinder + Accessories in UGX)
6KG (Ka - Portable) 55,000 173,000
6KG (without burner) 55,000 183,000
12KG (Metal Cylinder) 113,000 279,000
12KG (Gas Lite - Composite Cylinder) 113,000 475,000
45KG (Bulk Cylinder) 260,000 557,000


Accessories Price (in UGX)
2 meter Hose Pipe 20,000
Regulator 30,000
Ka - Portable Grill 20,000
Ka - Portable Burner 20,000

Shell Gas Home Delivery

For our customers in Kampala, its suburbs and Entebbe, Shell Gas is now even closer to your doorstep.

Shell Gas Safety Tips

Stay safe as you use Shell Gas.

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