Bringing on the good times with great food and loads of fun
  • The Shell Gas Tokosa Festival is an annual event that celebrates the craft of cooking. Whether you’re a cooking enthusiast or simply a foodie, this event is one that you definitely shouldn’t miss. A number of professional chefs come together to showcase nutritious and delicious meals that you can recreate in your home and bring on the good times. Festival goers have a chance to enjoy a wide variety of culinary experiences by trying out food from various restaurants: Indian, Coastal, Mexican, Japanese and, Ethiopian, name it. There is also a barbeque and vegetarian section.
  • For those that would like to get in on the cooking action, the signature cook-offs at this event are something that you’ll surely enjoy. Participants here incorporate special ingredients into their recipes and compete to create the most mouth-watering dishes; all prepared using Shell Gas, the safe cooking option. The experience is simply amazing!
  • Even though the festival mainly celebrates food and cooking, there’s lots of entertainment both for the little ones and for the older crowd. The little ones can enjoy the dedicated kids’ corner that has an inbuilt theatre, lots of games and free gifts while the older people enjoy entertainment from amazing hosts, performances from the best artists in the country, and many other fun activities. The festival is also a chance for you to enjoy the irresistible offers at the festivals such as the delicious meal combos and super deals on Shell Gas refills and new purchases.
  • All the fun and amazing experiences at the Shell Gas Tokosa Festival support a serious and noble cause. The festival has played a big part in bettering selected Ugandan communities, as its proceeds are used to benefit charities such as the “Bless-A-Child Foundation” and the Grace Villa “Wateeka Initiative”. This is all done with the help of big brand sponsors like Shell Gas, Coca-Cola, Ugachick, Tusker Lite, Sheraton Kampala Hotel, and Next Radio, whose support helps to make the festival happen. 
  • The Shell Gas Tokosa Festival continues to bring many people together, giving them a platform to learn new tricks about food and cooking the right way, whilst at the same time enabling them to appreciate the value of using gas in their kitchens. The next edition of the festival is just around the corner, so customers need to look out for even more fulfilled experiences to come.

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