Shell deals

When you are on the road, you need more than just fuel to go well. That’s why the Shell forecourt features Select Shops and quick service restaurants to cater for your personal needs.

Every month, we partner with one of the restaurants or Shell Select suppliers to bring you your favorite meals, snacks, drinks, and other items at a discount and also have giveaways on certain items! This is because you deserve to drive into Shell and leave with all your personal and car needs catered for, and most of all, a very big smile. We aim to make Shell your one stop center for all you need to go well on the road.

Don’t miss out! Follow our official social media pages on Facebook and Twitter to get updates on the next best discount or drive to any Shell Station near you and visit Shell Select! Find your nearest station here.

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At Shell we understand that our customers are looking for more than just a fill-up when they drive into our station. We take pride in delivering a complete forecourt experience.

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If driving matters to you, our specially-formulated fuel and lubricants will help ensure your vehicle performs at its best.

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